Canon 5D Mark iii


Another week and another new arrival, not that I am complaining of course. Yesterday I received a shiny new Mark iii. It was late when I got chance to turn it on so thought I would give the high ISO capabilities a try. Well…. it was dark. VERY DARK. I had to use ISO 25600 f1.2 and still only had 1/25sec exposure. I had silent shutter engaged and managed to fire off a few shots that were in focus even in this dark. The only light was that coming in from the windows (moonlight) through thick curtain. Now this should be impossible really but the resulting image is pretty impressive and I think you could print it at A4 size with no issues. Any bigger and yes you can see the grain but to me its a miracle of modern technology that we can now shoot in such dark conditions and actually get a picture.

Apart from that handling seems very good. I do not like the zoom buttons being moved and the VF is a bit hit and miss.

I do love the high ISO, Silent shutter, 6fps, dual card slots, superb AF and brilliant metering. For me it is 6 steps forward and one (and a half) back.

I will update again when I have some more time with it but so far so good.






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