Photo Contest Results

Well 2 weeks ago I wanted to enter a photo for the theme ‘Country’ so off I went in the country to take some shots. It started to rain and on the way back to the car Mariella gave up, I turned round and there she was like this:

So there was my shot right before me. I nearly did not bother uploading it but thought I would give it a shot. 2 weeks ago it was announced it had made the top 5 and was open to the public vote. Some 15,000 views later voting closed and this morning the results were in.

And the winner is….. harbourphotography! Wahooo. Not only that but I think what made it really special were all the lovely comments others left for me. Thanks to everyone that voted and especially those that left comments. Time for a celebration beer I think.

Below are some of the comments the picture received.

Maxime Turcotte

harbourphotography, speechless…

Aurora Lampson · SubscribeSubscribed · Top Commenter · Photographer at Lens Daisy Photography

LOVE harbourphotography’s photos.  I am a sucker for good bokeh!  A priceless moment captured.

Edward Marley · Ventura College

voted for harbour hands down. the composition is nice and as everyone else has said, it just evokes a lot of emotion. i love how almost everything besides the girls face and shoulders is blown out. her eyes just draw you completely into her as a subject. beautiful picture, and gotta love the contrast.

Daniel Delgado· Maryland

Harbour Photography is awesome.

Mike Elmasry · SubscribeSubscribed

The photo of the girl lying on the fence is easily the best photo and in my opinion stays the most within the theme.

Anïl Mgr · SubscribeSubscribed ·Top Commenter

harbourphotography  rules!

Jorge Garza · SubscribeSubscribed · Teacher at Berlitz Mexico

I loved the simplicity yet complexity of harbourphotography’s photo. Great composition, awesome moment captured, the expression, the soft processing, everything was tack on.

Arturo Romero

Harbour Photography nailed it this weekend!

Philip Hernando · SubscribeSubscribed · Web Developer at, Inc

I love harbourphotography shots.

Kyle Niitsuma · Volunteer Media Manager at Azure Lorica Inc.

Such an amazing shot on harbourphotography.

Soufyane Dada · SubscribeSubscribed · Works at Soufyane.Design

@harbourphotography Best feeling in the world! Nice editing and eye contact as well.

Serge Aganze · Nairobi, Kenya

This is just awesome harbourphotography.

Shelly Seward · Postmaster at Canada Post Corporation

I voted for harbourphotography.  I loved that photo the moment I saw it!

Mikey Pounds · SubscribeSubscribed · Boulder, Colorado

I don’t see anything “real” special about any of these except Harbourphotography. It’s the one with emotion and that does it for me.

Heather Levingstone

I voted for harbourphotography because this one caught my eye before it was in the top 5. I love the expression on her face and her body language. I’ve been there!

Liam ‘Beanie’ Ryves · Eastleigh College

Amazing photo from harbourphotography the photo  speaks to me in the way that the little girl has had a long day having fun in the woods and the went to climb this barrier and then ended like this ! The eyes from the little girl are saying “come on……come and pick me up and carry me”

Daryl Porter· Loughborough Uni.

Harbourphotography is a lovely monochrome shot, I enjoy the sharp eyes and shallow DoF. She doesn’t look fazed at all, in fact she looks quite relaxed laying on the post. A lovely capture.

Matthew Guzman Mercado · SubscribeSubscribed

The harbourphotography is Fantastic, it really shows the essence of “Little Country

Blake Clarke · London, United Kingdom

Out of  the 5 images, I feel that the photos by harbourphotography and moserdk are the most fitting for the theme.  I personally would have added way more contrast to the image of the child, but I think it’s perfect the way it is… creamy bokeh, with an amazing amount of visual depth.  Great shot.

Lalo Briseño · Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas

My vote was for harbourphotography, I liked the contrast and the black and white edit. The backgound it’s just amazing and like you said, the eye contact make this shot a winner shot.

Art Lundwall

Love Harbourphotography’s photo.  I’m not a big black and white fan, but that pic really works for me.

John Evans · Service Technician at Northwest Respiratory Services

I love how everything but the face of the little girl is blown out. She is so cute.

Robert Mitchell Kwan Jong · Intern at Chaminade College Preparatory

I feel like I can connect to the photo with harbour much easier than any of the others.  It elicits a much stronger emotional connection than any of the other photos.

Mike Waldron · Southside High School

This is a cool picture by harbourphotography.

Chase Haddleton · Works at Martial Arts Peter Oki

I have to harbour photography’s image is my personal favourite, interesting subject, interesting “pose”.

Mathieu Petremann

Just relax and relaxing. It’s all in the attitude and the eyes. Perferct.

Brandon Marshall · Sacramento, California

harbourphotography has my vote. The eye contact is great, the leading lines from the banister and using the rule of thirds make for a  great photo. I am not a huge fan of the super shallow depth of field but it does make for a great focus on the face.

Andrew Cooper · Top Commenter · Works at Unemployed Looking for work

love the focus on the eye contact in harbourphotographys photo. that’s why this image got my vote.

Andrew Fitzy · SubscribeSubscribed · Toronto, Ontario

I love the depth in harbourphotography’s image.

Andy Sidders · Uni. Reading

My vote is for harbourphotography. Wonderful photo, great eye contact and I like the short DOF to part blur the wellies.

Arjen Zevenbergen

The photo from harbourphotography is the best in my opinion. Nice sharpness in the face and a beautiful black and white edit.

Nick Castillo · Dickinson, Texas

love the lil girl, say alot without sayin anything.

Denise Valadez · Heald College – Stockton

This one is my favorite.  It reflects childhood innocence and simplicity. I love it!

Jose Aurelio Flores Carranza · SubscribeSubscribed · PHOTOGRAPHER at Aurelio Flores Photo

Love the photo from harbourphotography great job.

James Coffer

harbourphotography has my vote.

Blaise Poitra

went with harbourphotograph, can’t wait to shoot my first grand child, due in December.

David Sanford· Lindenwood

Habourphotography fits the theme, great composition, and pretty decent bokeh.

Markus Aurand· 44 years old

My favorite is the harbourphotography photo. She could be a little country girl, with her anorak and rubber boots, so that she doesn’t have to be to careful when playing in the nature. Second best to me is the guy in the car, though it has not much to do with “country”. Is he looking straight into the camera or a little aside? However, it makes me look at the picture and that’s what a picture should do. In his hand three such mini maraca shakers (also could be fruits or something?) and perhapts he’s singing “Take me home, country roads”, who knows, so here we have the country theme, at last. 😉

Lyubo Yanev · Albertslund Municipality

I liked harbourphotography’s photo the most

Andrew Rollason · Student Dispensing Optician at Boots Opticians

Love how the lines of the post lead onto her face.

Camila VanOppen

I like harbourphotography because of the ey contact…and just the relaxed state that I feel from the subject and I can also feel the country coming out in this photo….I really like this shot!

Alberik Lázaga Ocasio · Director of Photography at Cinestesia

Nice shot harbourphotography, I like very much the girl expression and the bokeh.

Arie Emmanuel Liston

harbourphotography nice bokeh and nice shot!

Jeroen de Beer · Universiteit van Tilburg

Harbourphotography is the best one for me, love the feel.

BJ Moore · Ferris State University

Voted for Harbour!

Luis Francisco Solomon Dimagiba · Roosevelt College

Yo, Fro! I think harbourphotography’s is the best one of the four.  In fact I like it so much I might even try posing my girlfriend and my self like it. I hope he/she doesn’t mind.  It probably wont be as cute as this little girl though.

Doron Zuk· Technion

voted for harbourphotography, very nice colors and bokha.

Briljant Vitija

really awesome pictures! especially the last one with the girl laying down it was just classical in a way and simply great.

Dale Nevin · SubscribeSubscribed · Photographer at Chubby’s Photography

Personally I love Black & White.  Seelow’s picture was a good.  Reminded me of a NYC Cabbie.  That tough guy look.  But with all that said I really loved the HarourPhotography shot.  Just looked more natural.  Love the way the legs & hands are blown out.  Its all in the eyes.  The emotion is all there.  Really great job between the 2.

Terry Sullivan · Top Commenter · Works at Baillie Gifford

I voted for Harbourphotography as it is a lovey image and it might even have been taken in the country.

Álvaro Teixeira Gonçalves · SubscribeSubscribed · ANALISTA DE SISTEMAS -TI at Dataprev

harbourphotography! Nice depht of field, bouket… fabulous

Brian Murphy · Madison Central High School, Old Bridge, NJ

I liked both Seelow and Harbourphoto a lot.  I went with Harbourphot because it was not only a great picture but it was more in line witht he theme of country.  Good job to all.

Patty Smith · SubscribeSubscribed · Everything at Pahz Photography

I voted for harbourphotgraphy because that is exactly how I feel right now. Seriously though, I just really like the image. I like the black and white, I don’t think it would have struck me if it had been in color.

Bart Van Wulpen

I like the ones from harbourphotography and from seelow.

Volker Torringen · SubscribeSubscribed

I have voted for harbourphotography. Like that!

Lori Gallagher Kemp·Top Commenter

I like harbourphotography’s picture the best……and those rainboots!
No Imageglide1340 (signed in using yahoo)

In my humble opinion, harbourphotography invoked the feeling of country the most to me. And I have to agree with some of the other comments, only 2 of the final four really had a “country” feel to them.

Ed Maldonado · Orlando, Florida

she looks natural one of those moments when you want to have your camera and take the photo

Nick Pinkney · Garforth Community College

Harbour photography, great candid type shot b&w works well

Jeremy Smith · Edmond North High School

Voted for harbourphotography, this is a great photo that will keep a fun memory for the family for a long time!

Brendan Purdy · SubscribeSubscribed · Orangeville, Ontario

The harbourphotography shot seems to be the most natural, less set up image. Kids DO the darndest things! Now where is my pudding pop.

Farhan Faiz · University of Sunderland

I voted for harbourphotography. Is it related to the theme…to be honest ‘m not so sure, but I just love how the child is being portrait, strong eye contact, awesome bokeh! It has that very nice b&w tones, buttery smooth…plus, I’m pretty sure the kid was being natural. You have my vote!

Nuno Carneiro · Lisbon, Portugal

I really like Seelow’s photo , but I voted for harbourphotography wich I like a lot too love the blur and the eyes , I voted like that because only harbourphotography and moserdk photo’s had anything to do with the theme.

Asfa Salim · SubscribeSubscribed · Singapore Polytechnic

Great depth of field in harbourphotography photo.

Jon Ellis

Love the selective focus on the picture from harbourphotography, made me wonder how big the child was for the face to be in focus but not the feet.

Ray Chow

I love the simple and plan look of the girl from harbourphotography.  It’s a very hard picture to have a kid give that simple plan look!

Nova John Popovich · SubscribeSubscribed

I very much like the harbourphotography shot.  I especially like the pose and the eye contact.

Federico Feroldi

I feel like this week the photos are really out of theme, but still I see that they are very very good. In the end I voted for harbourphotography for the wonderfull composition and the perfect BW. See you in two week for the next challenge.

Reid Montgomery · Atlanta, Georgia

My vote this week is for harbourphotography.  I thought it was a great photo and it seems to follow the theme in my opinion.  Well done.

Greg Kalmbach · West Carrollton City, Ohio

harbourphotography – Love this shot.

Gato Gonzalez · Classical High School

harbourphotography really like this photo remind me of childhood.

Dustin McClure · Albuquerque, New Mexico

I really liked harbourphotography – I love shooting my kids.

Arven Troy Colita · St. Mary’s College Tagum City

harbourphotography very nice shot 🙂

Nick White · Works at Information Technologist

harbourphotography for the win. Clearly a kid playing out in the “country”.


there is only one picture that’s jump out for me and that’s the picture of harbourphotography  great job nice B/W.
No Image
clairmatthews (signed in using yahoo)

Harbourphotography’s photo is just lovely!

Tobias Gölzer

harbourphotography because it fits to the theme and… IT’S JUST CUTE!

Francis Foley · Top Commenter · Tralee

I’m glad that most votes so far are for harbourphotography, Jared we have a theme and you need to stick with it.

Francis Foley · Top Commenter · Tralee

I’m voting for harbourphotography because it is the only one that meets the ‘country’ theme

Ronald D Fernandes · SubscribeSubscribed · Works at Emdi Institute Of Media And Communication


Jan Schönbrunn

Voted for harbourphotography. I like the kid looking towards the camera. Composition works great. Also reminds me a little of the Nikon Advertisement “I am recharging”. Nice shot.

Adrian Martino· The Landon School

Both the ‘seelow’ picture and the picture of the little girl on the bar are awesome. The subject for both of those is awesome!

Ryan Henke · Lawrence, Kansas

harbourphotography gets my vote

Patrick Fjäll · Duveholmsgymnasiet

giving my vote to harbourphotography, great photo and feels like its the one with the most “country” feel to it out of them all.

Jose Lopez

Dang I thought I might make it in the critique this week.. Oh well. Top 5 are all good but harbourphotography is the one I kept looking at so it got my vote.

Katelyn Garnto· John Hancock Academy

My favorite photo here is of the little girl she is so cute and very good at posing for the camera.She has to my fav one out these.

Sammuel Lopez Licea

Although I voted for SugaHoneyIceTea’s amazing composite, I really liked harbourphotography’s as well, outstanding job you two!

Sagar Thakkar · Works at Nestlé

like the eye contact in harbourphotography.

Vincent Morelli · Freeport High School

Reminds me of a hard day at the park and come take me home dad mom.

Thomas Schumm

I gotta go with harbourphotography. Looks like a tired kid!

Mike Young· John Carroll

With that said, I went with harbourphotography b/c it a cute portrait that giving me a “country” feeling.

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