35mm Film Project

Recently I have been wanting to get back to the real basics of photography. It is so easy to take a shot, view, recompose, take it again.. but back when I started out this was impossible. You had to get the shot or loose it forever. I think digital makes people become a bit lazy so I dusted down my 35mm film cameras, stocked up on some Kodak TRI-X400 film and off I shot. Today I got my first roll back. It is lovely to receive them back in the post with the excitement of wondering what I got!

Shooting the first roll of film was fully manual, using an 85mm f1.2 lens wide open! Focusing this beast manually was hard work and yes, I missed a few shots but considering how shallow the depth of field is at f1.2 I am more than happy. My next roll is being shot on a Canon EOS 1V and whilst still on manual mode I am using the 45 point AF this time round.

Anyway.. here are a few shots from my first roll of film for about 12 years! All of these shots are straight scans, no cropping or adjustments made. Can’t wait to shoot my next roll of 35mm 🙂








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